United for Harmony


Natuzzi founds the Harmony Club: a movement that brings together those who believe in Beauty, in joie de vivre, in respect for others and the environment. An invitation and exhortation to celebrate optimism and the quest for happiness, building bridges rather than walls and promoting the values of uniqueness and diversity. The ideal place for sharing experiences and opportunities.

The claim that rallies the members of the club is “United for Harmony”: a message to the world that brings down the barriers of classic communications to build a more direct and authentic relationship with anyone that shares the ideals of the Harmony Club. An ode to grace and beauty in the knowledge that the beautiful makes people happy and harmony unites.

The global “United for Harmony” campaign will use the web to reach the harmony lovers all over the world. The nerve centre of the operation is “harmony.natuzzi.com”, a virtual place that gathers the key content and messages of the Harmony Club, beginning with the Manifesto, an official document that outlines the goals of the movement and rallies its members. A clear and direct message that finishes with a clear and far-sighted declaration of intent: “...beauty makes us happy. Harmony will unite us”. The website also hosts the campaign video and photos, all of which produced in the cradle of Natuzzi harmony, Puglia, home and muse of the brand.

But the call “United for Harmony” will not only be propagated online. The main event to launch the Harmony Club will be the 2017 International Furniture Show, during which new and brand new members of the club will be able to “experience” the harmony of Natuzzi directly in the city of Milan.

A wave of harmony that will continue over the following months with the official launch of the Harmony Club in the world's biggest design capitals and the subsequent kick-off of the affiliation programme. An authentic Membership Reward Program that will offer exclusive services to the lovers of the Natuzzi harmony. The corporate partnerships with luxury brands, the “Puglia lifestyle experience” and the “Concierge Program” are just some of the benefits waiting for those that will decide to join the world's first exclusive furniture club.




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