RE-THINKING RE-VIVE: Natuzzi’s contribution to the London Design Festival 2016 is made of art and design

Natuzzi presents a special project that involves designers Eley Kishimoto, Patternity e Camille Walala in creating new interpretations of Natuzzi Re-vive, the iconic chair of the brand

Natuzzi collaborates with three leading UK pattern designers to customise its iconic Re-vive, the world’s first performance recliner, for the London Design Festival.

Eley Kishimoto, Patternity and Camille Walala are creating distinctive new interpretations of Re-vive for display in Natuzzi Italia’s Tottenham Court Road flagship store in central London, from September 17 - 25. All three designers have been encouraged to draw inspiration from Natuzzi’s brand pillar concept of harmonious living, and its core brand visual codes, which include natural and traditional elements found in their native region of Apulia.

The visual codes are utilised as a starting point for all Natuzzi’s collections: the olive tree, olive leaf, and roots of the tree, and the sea urchin, originating from the sun, water and earth, key element of this land. Another reference point was the design of Re-vive itself, which reclines without a lever mechanism by responding to the weight of the body.

Each designer will create two customised recliners and will work directly onto Re-vive’s white quilted leather cover using paint, vinyl, applied materials, spray or whatever media they feel is appropriate. One recliner will be made in advance and displayed in the main store window throughout the London Design Festival week. The other will be created as a ‘live chair’, devised for a launch event on September 19th, where the designers will engage with the audience as they work directly from three store windows. The completed customised recliners will be displayed within the showroom along with an interactive element ideated by each designer, and will be available for the public to try and test during Design Week.

17 – 25 September 2016
Natuzzi Flagship Store
80-81 Tottenham Court Road
W1T 4TE – London




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