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New Website

Natuzzi Italia launches its new site: welcome to your new home

The new Natuzzi Italia website is online, featuring new graphics, more multimedia content and a seamless, easy browsing.
More than ever before, the Natuzzi Italia home is also your home.


The new multimedia home for Natuzzi design fans is now online. The graphics and layout of the new Natuzzi Italia site have been completely refreshed: the site is designed to give new visitors a clear and immediate impression of the best-known Italian furniture lifestyle brand in the world, while providing regular customers with immediate, cutting-edge access to the features that they use most frequently.   

The concept behind Natuzzi Italia’s new touchpoint is the same principle that has always guided the brand’s collections: to create harmony in spaces by combining design, functions, forms and colors. The site, which uses new web design and 3D configuration technologies to give visitors a modern, interactive experience, presents its content in an increasingly glamorous, metropolitan layout, in typical Natuzzi style. It is a true home, decorated according to the aesthetic standards that have allowed Natuzzi Italia to establish its place in the history of interior furniture.

The site also includes a revamped news section that features reports about the Natuzzi Italia brand’s worldwide and increasingly “live” initiatives, a collection of pages with an abundance of multimedia content, including many photographs that offer users furnishing suggestions, an easier and more intuitive source of important information. These are the other distinctive features of the new Natuzzi Italia site. A place exclusively designed for visitors. A harmonious home in which design meets aesthetics and functionality in an unbreakable embrace. Nothing less could be expected for a brand that has decorated homes all over the world since 1959.




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