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Natuzzi wins the innovation award SMAU 2018

The award was given to Natuzzi for the innovative Virtual Reality project


Natuzzi receives the prestigious "Innovation Award" during the 2018 edition of SMAU, the most important annual event in Italy dedicated to the themes of innovation and digitalisation.

The award was given to Natuzzi for the innovative Virtual Reality project that allows users to discover the products of the collection through virtual reality: worn by the mixed reality viewers (Microsoft Hololens and Mixed Reality headset), the customer can explores the products the least detail, testing the available range of colors and materials. This application is combined with Natuzzi Photoplanner; just take a picture of the home, go to the Natuzzi store and virtually visit home choosing the Natuzzi models that can be placed in the virtual environment.

A project born together with another Apulian excellence, Hevolus, a leading company in the world of disruptive technologies and Microsoft's international partner for mixed reality, with which has been designed an innovative customer journey able to make the shopping experience truly engaging and exciting.

The Virtual Reality and Photoplanner applications, which will be available in stores starting from 2019, are part of the Natuzzi New Customer Experience project, a 360-degree digital innovation process that aims to improve the customer experience, reduce the time decision of the final customer and at the same time increase the conversion rate of the orders. Among the tools in progress: a high-definition online 3D configurator with an easy and fast user experience, a new interior design planner and finally XR store, an area inside the store dedicated to contents used through the augmented/virtual reality .




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