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Natuzzi Revive launch in Brazil

Natuzzi introduces Natuzzi Revive to the Brazilian market in a wonderful night on the Museu da Casa Brasileira in Sao Paulo.

Natuzzi Revive, the first performance recliner that adapts to the body movement, was the star of a wonderful evening launch party in Sao Paulo. The prestigious Museu da Casa Brasileira was the marvellous backdrop of an exclusive evening party in which designers, architects, interior decorators and Natuzzi VIPs, enjoyed the unparalleled comfort and the stunning design of Natuzzi Revive.

Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, Brand Ambassador of the Natuzzi Group, and Taissa Buesco, editor in chief of Casa Vogue Brasil, the Brazilian monthly bible of interior decoration, introduced Natuzzi Revive - the most innovative piece of furniture in the Natuzzi collection - to the public. An exclusive opportunity for Brazilian experts to discover a preview of the new collection that will be presented officially in April at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

It was an evening of relaxation and well-being. This is the aim of Natuzzi Revive: to create a space of harmonious living and let people find their personal disconnection in a world that is more and more frantic and overconnected. Adriana Galisteu, the famous Brazilian tv stars and special guests of the evening party, wanted to try the enveloping experience of Revive, a comfortable way to take a break from her busy everyday life.




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