Natuzzi-Revive-ad-Alberobello-design-e-innovazione-diventano-senza-tempo-58cbdfd43ecb91.jpg Natuzzi-Revive-ad-Alberobello-design-e-innovazione-diventano-senza-tempo-58cbdfd43f2672.jpg Natuzzi-Revive-ad-Alberobello-design-e-innovazione-diventano-senza-tempo-58cbdfd43f4e23.jpg Natuzzi-Revive-ad-Alberobello-design-e-innovazione-diventano-senza-tempo-58cbdfd43f7534.jpg Natuzzi-Revive-ad-Alberobello-design-e-innovazione-diventano-senza-tempo-58cbdfd43f9ae5.jpg Natuzzi-Revive-ad-Alberobello-design-e-innovazione-diventano-senza-tempo-58cbdfd43fc126.jpg

Natuzzi Revive in Alberobello: design and innovation become timeless

Design and innovation side by side with tradition in one of the most enchanting location in Apulia, the region that is part of the Natuzzi DNA

The innovative Natuzzi Revive recliner chairs are protagonist of a unique setup in the magic atmosphere of the Trulli in Alberobello, the world-renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site in Apulia, Italy. A project inspired by the concept of “be-disconnected”: Natuzzi Revive, thanks to its unique comfort and technology, allows you to disconnect from the outside world to reconnect with your inner self, enjoying the flow of the time in harmony. The “disconnected area” exhorts you to forget about frenzy and stress, an invitation to take a break from a busy lifestyle.

The “Revive disconnection area” is one of the main attractions of the Alberobello Light Festival, an event that celebrates ONU’s International Year of Lights. Natuzzi is proud sponsor of the event, taking place in the most iconic city in Apulia: Natuzzi’s setup, characterized by great modernity, blends beautifully with the timeless atmosphere of the Trulli, a brilliant evidence that innovation and tradition can be combined in perfect harmony. Apulia, one of the most vibrant and sought-after region in southern Italy, is Natuzzi’s home, is the muse of the brand, a source of inspiration for every collection. Alberobello, a timeless icon of Apulia, is Natuzzi’s natural environment.

The “Revive disconnection area” is open to the public from the 5th of December until the 6th of January.




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