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Natuzzi Open Art in USA for the Miami Art Week

Natuzzi brought its Open Art project to the United States for the first time ever. Artist Adrien Missika unveiled its installation in the Natuzzi store in the Miami Design District on the occasion of the Miami Art Week

Natuzzi Italia brought its Open Art project for the first time to the United States, on the occasion of Miami Art Week. Created in 2007 with the goal of introducing art in the Natuzzi stores so that it could become accessible to everyone, the project focuses on the collaboration with contemporary artist having the most diverse background. To each one of them, Natuzzi asks to realize site-specific installations in the most prestigious flagship store of the company around the world.
Natuzzi Italia launched Wednesday December 2nd 2015, in its Miami flagship store, the new step of Open Art. On the occasion of the grand opening of the Natuzzi flagship store at the Design District, [ham-uh k] - a site-specific installation by the artist Adrien Missika (Paris, 1981) – has been presented. The work is a huge hammock (8 x 3 meters) created with Natuzzi's leather and is the result of an immersion of the artist in the Natuzzi Headquarters in Puglia region (southern Italy), where the Style Centre and the Product Development Centre, creative heart of the brand, are located.
For Open Art, Missika continued his ongoing project Siesta Club - an ensemble of hammocks that he installed in different parts of the world as an invitation for the visitor to stop and kick back – playing on the scale, conceiving an oversize hammock that could host several persons, a family, friends or even lovers; as if that very minimal carry-on bed was merging with the very function of the couch.

"The hammock is a functional object made by humans to rest on,” says Missika. “I like the idea of giving the hammock a rest by making it a sculpture or a painting and taking away its functionality, yet having the same staged presence."

To push further the hybridization, Missika used the leather from the Italian tannery (in Udine, in Northern Italy) which is owned by Natuzzi, selecting them together with the company's Style Centre in Puglia. He carefully deconstructed the material to bring it to an elementary, unsophisticated state: through the use of six full cow hides he is pointing at the origin of things and underlining the primitive essence of the hammock.

Many celebrities attended the event, among them: Italian football player Christian Vieri, Stefano Seletti, owner of the eponymous desing brand, Interni magazine Editor in Chief Gilda Bojardi, Charley Vezza, owner of Gufram, the Deputy General Consul of Italy in Miami Vita Maria Valluzzi, and of course the host Pasquale Jr Natuzzi and artist Adrien Missika, main character in the Open Art project.

On this special celebration, the iconic Italian brand Disaronno, the world's favorite Italian liqueur, has created a signature cocktail inspired by Natuzzi for the Open Art opening in Miami to toast to this momentous occasion




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