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Natuzzi Italia Precious Christmas: charming gift ideas

Natuzzi Italia presents a new Christmas line of furniture and accessories that will enthrall all lovers of Italian design

Natuzzi Italia presents a new Christmas line of furniture and accessories that will enthrall all lovers of Italian design: lamps, rugs, sculptures and objects included in the collection are the perfect gift ideas, an invitation to be together, a tribute to the culture of good living and the pleasure of relaxing.

The accessories that Natuzzi Italia offers for Christmas alongside the collection of upholstered furniture and furnishings are designed to help build the warm and welcoming image that distinguishes the brand. The concept of harmony, between objects and between people, is what inspires the design of each product: a style that stems from the colors and feelings of the company's land of origin, Apulia, and that blends design, shapes, colors, materials and function.

The Vico lamp   
The Vico lamp, designed by Victor Vasilev, is a genuine luminous sculpture with a strong visual impact. With its refined volumes, it embodies purity of lines and presence in space. The essence of the project lies in the balance between the base and the shade, which seems to be suspended above the structure. Vico comes in different metal finishes that emphasize the originality of the design.

The Alega lamp
The Alega table lamp is a perfect reinterpretation of classical style with a modern twist. The lightness of the Alega design, given by the combination of glass base and white lampshade, brings a touch of elegance to any space.

The Pumo
The traditional Pumo, lucky objects of the Apulian tradition, now enter the Natuzzi Italia collection, emphasizing the company's strong connection with its land of origin. The Pumo, from the Latin word pomum, meaning fruit, because of their shape that recalls flower buds, are symbols of prosperity and fertility, a lucky charm to be given as a token of good fortune. Available in different sizes, the Pumo are produced in collaboration with Apulian ceramic artists and are an original idea to decorate the holiday table. The Pumo of the Natuzzi Italia collection are available in platinum and bronze finishes.

The line of Baby Alpaca blankets
Baby Alpaca blankets owe their exceptional softness to Alpaca wool: a lightweight, hypoallergenic material, silky and warm to the touch. The blankets are 130x200 cm in size and are available in taupe, indigo, cyclamen, teal, white, rust, ecru and tartan. The colors recall the perfect neutral shades that make up the typical Natuzzi palette: warm hues in harmony with a home that is the center of love and good living.

The Mapa object holder
The Mapa object holder is the result of the creativity of Brazilian glass artist Regina Medeiros, who has specialized in glass fusion and glass painting techniques over the years. The use of local oxides and gold components creates unique effects. Mapa can be used as object holder or as decorative object to be admired in its stark beauty.

The Pool sculptures
The colored glass sculptures of the Pool collection are made of glass pulled by hand by master glass makers. The sculptures, featuring a glass disk with a central hole of high visual impact, can be mounted on a wall or set on a table resting on a burnished metal structure installed on a wooden base. Being created without a mold, each piece is one of a kind, with unique shades of color and distinctly artisan characteristics. Pool is available in yellow, red, green, grey and white.




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