Mario-Bellini-e-Natuzzi-di-nuovo-insieme-in-occasione-della-mostra-Mario-Bellini-Italian-beauty-58caebca63f2b1.jpg Mario-Bellini-e-Natuzzi-di-nuovo-insieme-in-occasione-della-mostra-Mario-Bellini-Italian-beauty-58caebca644f12.jpg

Mario Bellini and Natuzzi reunite for the “Mario Bellini. Italian Beauty” exhibition

The Natuzzi Americas building is among the most impressive works in the career of the Italian architect

Natuzzi Italia, the largest furniture company in Italy, is one of the main partners of the Mario Bellini exhibition taking place at the Triennale di Milano from 19 January 2017. The exhibition, which is named "Mario Bellini. Italian Beauty", is a journey back through the career of the Milanese architect, who has been a giant of design, architecture, exhibitions and more for nearly 60 years.

Natuzzi couldn't possibly have passed up the opportunity to get involved in the event given the bond between the company and Bellini, which began when the architect designed the headquarters of Natuzzi Americas. Bellini's vision and commitment to innovation shines through in the building, which was started in 1996 and formally inaugurated two years later to coincide with the annual furniture fair in High Point, North Carolina.

The unique building – which comprises four storeys and measures 10,000m2 – merges effortlessly into the urban landscape, its distinctive shape complementing its surroundings. Bellini's design is a radical idea, one that makes full use of the triangular layout of the lot. The building itself is trapezoidal in shape, with the thinner part stretching out to a point and the long curvature conjuring up images of a ship's prow, perhaps symbolising the journey Pasquale Natuzzi made across the ocean in the 1980s. The arrival in USA was one of the key moments in the brand's history, with Natuzzi now one of the leading names in the international furniture scene and a Wall Street-listed company since 1993.

The Natuzzi Americas project – which won the prestigious Pinnacle Award – will be among the protagonists of the architecture section of the exhibition. The project encapsulates the similarities between the ways in which Mario Bellini and Pasquale Natuzzi regard the concepts of beauty and harmony: a smooth design where shape, materials and colours – the core elements of Natuzzi's creative philosophy and brand DNA – combine to stunning effect.




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