High Point Market Fall 2018

Natuzzi Italia: Harmony becomes a success model


At Natuzzi Italia, everything is strictly linked to Harmony, the core of brand's DNA. It is both a philosophy for life and a business strategy that Pasquale Natuzzi, Founder and CEO, has spent years defining for his company, its brand, its products and its stores. “We have a 60-year history,” states the founder. “About 20 years ago,” he continues, “we began a major development of the global brand, investing almost a billion dollars to position ourselves as a consumer brand in the premium segment of the market. This involved upgrading the Italian factories, as well as diversification and product innovation, extending the range that now includes all types of furniture for the living, dining and sleeping areas of the home. We defined the concept of single-brand stores and we are committed to developing them, investing in marketing and communication. All in the name of consistency and the constant search for Harmony. It's a goal that guides me in every step I take, in every moment of life.”


Strengthened by this development process, which has seen it become the world's best known furniture brand among premium consumers (IPSOS Observer, 2018),Natuzzi Italia is present at High Point Market Fall 2018 with the new products first launched at Milan Design Week last April. It’s a collection in which nature-inspired design meets the evolution of the smart home, featuring intelligent, integrated, interconnected products.In its High Point building, Natuzzi Italia presents the Archistar Collection, with designs byMario Bellini and Marcel Wanders. Torsion, by Mario Bellini, is the impressive round table with a glass top two meters in diameter resting on a wooden structure that resembles an unfolding olive tree, consisting of six stylized "branches" of solid olive wood. Agronomist and Oceanographer, on the other hand, are collections by the Dutch designer Marcel Wanders: armchairs, chairs, tables and accessories inspired by the Apulian landscape and lifestyle, encompassing land and sea. With its Smart Living program, created in partnership with LG Signature, Natuzzi Italia opens the door to the Internet of Things by connecting the Colosseo sofa to other items in the home. The task of setting up the ideal environment to perform key relaxation-related activities is entrusted to a virtual assistant or smartphone app. “The challenge we set ourselves when creating the new Natuzzi Italia collections was to take the harmony that regulates every natural ecosystem and replicate it in the domestic environment,” says Pasquale Natuzzi Junior, Natuzzi's Chief Marketing and Communication Officer, who continues, “It was inevitable that we would begin this journey in Puglia, the land of our roots. We represented design as form of evolution, starting from the aesthetic and functional perfection of the olive tree and ending up with smart living, where everything is interconnected through the use of cutting-edge technology.»


On the retail development side, Natuzzi Italia comes to the High Point market with a track record of consistent growth. In 2016, twenty-seven new stores were opened, in 2017 thirty more, and in 2018 another fourteen.  Natuzzi Italia currently operates 205 monobrand stores worldwide.


In the words of Pasquale Natuzzi: “The retail model we have implemented works, and represents a success story. Today, Natuzzi Italia stores mirror the brand's soul, they perform and ensure excellent profits.Thanks to the breadth of our total home offering, our customers can choose to buy furniture for their entire home. We have had cases of end customers spending over $100,000 by the time they leave the store. That has happened in the Chicago store as well as in our Florida stores in Naples, Miami and Orlando. These are exceptional cases, but they are a good indication of the effectiveness of our retail model.” The retail organizational model created by Natuzzi Italia is Direct to Consumer and geared towards excellence. Pasquale Junior explains, “The process starts with identifying the target consumers we want to reach, and continues with a focused merchandising strategy. We pinpoint locations where the catchment area shows high numbers of our target. Consequently, floor merchandising is adapted to the target, so we're always showing the right product at the right price. Store traffic is generated by means of an evolved marketing mix (digital and offline).”


Once inside a Natuzzi Italia store, consumers are immersed in a multi-sensory experience that reflects the Italian lifestyle: beautiful giant prints of Puglia, together with the products, satisfy the sense of sight; freshly served espresso gratifies the sense of taste; ambient aromas created with Mediterranean plant essences delight the sense of smell and background music offers the perfect soundtrack, resulting in an experience that is truly out-of-the-ordinary. Pasquale Junior concludes: “We have set up a Retail Excellence program to give our sales consultants the best preparation to assist customers from the moment they enter the store until the moment the sale is closed. Each of our consultants is trained in best practices defined by managers from well-known, high-end, international fashion brands.” Finally, there's an innovative configurator that offers a high-definition 3D interior design service, starting from photographs of the potential customer's home. A preview of the new, state-of-the-art configurator will be shown in the High Point building, where a “virtual room” will be set up, allowing visitors to enter a virtual environment furnished with products from the Natuzzi Italia collection.


An appointment with Natuzzi Italia is an event not to be missed. October 13 to 17, at 130 WEST COMMERCE AVENUE, HIGH POINT, NC 27260.



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