Agronomist Collection by Marcel Wanders for Natuzzi Italia – New York editions

Natuzzi Italia brings Puglia to New York


In celebration of NYCxDesign,New York City’s annual celebration of design, Natuzzi and Marcel Wanders collaborated to create a limited edition of the Agronomist collection, influenced by the urban landscape of New York. The collection debuts on May 17th during the Agronomist goes to New York event and is shown at the Natuzzi Flagship Store, 105 Madison Avenue, New York from 19th to 24th May, 2018.


In the special edition, the pieces in the collection take on a new identity with an interpretation of Gotham City, the alter ego of New York.

Furrow sofa, originally covered in reddish-brown leather and finished with saddle stitching, the New York edition is dressed in black tattooed leather with seams similar to scars/sutures on the profile of the armrests and seat and back cushions.

The unique sofa covering is made by 20 leather templates, with double stitching. The leather used is the article HERITAGE of the Natuzzi Italia Collection, in a black color created specifically for this collection, at the tannery owned by Natuzzi in Northern Italy. This leather, with a glossy finish, unique shine and textured effect, is a perfect mix between retro style and latest trends reminiscent of a broken-in leather jacket.

Tattoos on the leather upholstery are typical of an Old School style with swallows, daggers, roses, pins ups, hearts, hands, eyes, skulls and maritime symbolism such as sailing ship or anchor. Each has been meticulously created through an exceptional embroidery technique, unique for its density and process that perforates the leather without piercing or tearing it. This sophisticated embroidery that required more than 150 hours of work (9 hours a day for 17 days) and more than 12 million individual points to bring the 70 tattoos on the leather covering to life.

Furrow sofa is finished with special hand sewed seams, similar to the stitches of the scars, on the profile of the armrests, seat and back cushions.

Barrow coffee table, originally inspired by the shapes of a rustic wheelbarrow, is presented in New York in dark beech wood, covered in black HERITAGE leather both on the handles and on the wheels.

Crate cabinet, with the structure in solid black beech, keeps the doors textured with customized graphics reminiscent of the olive leaf (the symbol of the territory of Puglia), padded for New York in HERITAGE leather with tone-on-tone thread.

The New York Edition is completed with the Peacock carpet inspired by the plumage of the peacock's tail (symbol of resurrection and rebirth), with Black and White mirrored pattern.


Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, Chief Marketing and Communication Officer: «Marcel Wanders is the right design studio to open new horizons, to experiment and to challenge expectations. For the New York event we wondered: what would happen if the Agronomist concept moved to the urban landscape of New York? We endorsed a new culture while maintaining and invigorating our identity. Being curious about the future and about diversity, while being well aware of our own roots. This is the evolution undergone by Natuzzi Italia. A journey, through different places, differing worlds of expression and different generations, with the aim of creating products that consumers can relate to, sharing together a common belief made of inspirations and dreams».

Gabriele Chiave, Creative Director at Marcel Wanders: «Created especially for NYCxDesign, this iconic edition of the Furrow Sofa celebrates New York as Gotham city. It honors one of the cities’ most imaginative, underground and dark identities. Replenished with figurative embroidered tattoos, the Furrow Sofa seduces the eye with its intense black tones of wood and leather. This New York edition is as rebellious as legendary as the city, and an icon in itself.»




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