“Armonia”, the short film by Natuzzi Italia nominated in the Grand Prix special prize at Cannes Lions

A journey inside Puglia among stones, olive trees and the bluest Mediterranean Sea. A close dialogue with the homeland and inspiring muse of the brand, the ideal place to create the Natuzzi collections. This is the movie “Armonia”, a short film shot entirely in Puglia that tells about the special bond between Natuzzi and its beloved Puglia.

A clear and passionate story, so lively and modern that it plays a big role in the new communication campaign of the brand “United for Harmony”. Indeed, both share the same goal: to celebrate and communicate harmony through the eyes of a new target audience, the Millenial Travelers. An audience that the Italian brand begins to talk to with the launch of the new campaign.

The four young main characters rediscover their Apulian roots and tells about the magical feeling of harmony that is generated between themselves, the land and the Natuzzi Italia products. The press campaign freezes the movie in different frames and sets, on different levels, non-stereotyped everyday life scenes.

By making this movie Natuzzi Italia reinforces its identity towards a large crowd. For this reason the short film has been nominated in the Grand Prix special prize at the next Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.



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